AUGUST 27, 2018
We unveil the 2018 design for the Team Elise shirt (by Maria Ninfa)

OCTOBER 7, 2017
Love, Light and Insulin: 10 Kids Thriving with Type 1

AUGUST 18, 2017
We unveil the 2017 design for the Team Elise shirt (by Maria Ninfa)

MAY 16, 2016
JDRF releases "Words of Wisdom" video

MAY 2, 2016
We unveil the 2016 design for the Team Elise shirt (by Maria Ninfa)

APRIL 1, 2016
TIME Magazine: The Bionic Pancreas Is Getting Closer to Reality

MAY 17, 2015
We unveil the 2015 design for the Team Elise shirt (by Maria Ninfa)

FEBRUARY 17, 2015
JDRF Canada releases "JE SUIS UN TYPE 1" video

FEBRUARY 9, 2015
TIME Magazine: The Next Best Thing to a Cure for Diabetes

JANUARY 29, 2015
JDRF Canada releases "I AM TYPE 1" video

JANUARY 18, 2015
JDRF Canada interviews Fred

DECEMBER 15, 2014
You Can Do This Project releases "We Can Do This - Diagnosed Under Two Years Old" video

NOVEMBER 2, 2014
diaTribe releases "Patient Voices #DOCasksFDA" video

SEPTEMBER 22, 2014
DSMA: Live 'Rents Interview

AUGUST 30, 2014
BBC Health: Bionic pancreas: A new dawn for diabetics?

AUGUST 12, 2014
KTVT-TV: Diabetic North Texas 6-Year-Old Tests Bionic Pancreas

AUGUST 10, 2014
We setup Nightscout (aka CGM in the Cloud)

AUGUST 1, 2014
Elise becomes one of the faces at

JULY 28, 2014
diaTribe: Our Bionic Pancreas Journey

JULY 18, 2014
KTVT-TV: North Texas 6-Year-Old Helping Perfect Bionic Pancreas

JULY 6, 2014
T1 Everyday Magic: You know you're a T1D parent when...

JULY 1, 2014
Elise and Joanne make the cover of the Friends for Life program

JULY 1, 2014
Timesulin Blog: 8 Juvenile Diabetes Blogs You Should Be Reading if Your Child Has Type 1 Diabetes

JUNE 16, 2014
We release "I AM TYPE 1" video

NOVEMBER 14, 2013
Elise reading her World Diabetes Day speech on KCAN, the school's TV morning news show

NOVEMBER 14, 2013
United Nations Radio interviews Fred about World Diabetes Day (in Portuguese)

NOVEMBER 13, 2013
Elise rehearses the World Diabetes Day speech that she wrote for school

JDRF Dallas Blog: No Excuses...

AUGUST 23, 2013
We unveil the 2013 design for the Team Elise shirt (by André Carrilho)

JUNE 30, 2012
Love Capture Give® T1D Superheroes for a Cure

APRIL 4, 2012
JDRF Dallas Blog: Team Elise Walks in Portugal: Employee Volunteering

FEBRUARY 27, 2012
We demo the first cellular-enabled blood glucose meter on the market

NOVEMBER 3, 2011
Elise starts using an insulin pump

NOVEMBER 3, 2011
Joanne and Elise meet Natalie Strand and Natalie tells Joanne that she's a fan of Death of a Pancreas

APRIL 25, 2011
Lemond Nutrition: The Mom Chronicles: Type 1 Diabetes

MARCH 13, 2011
Joanne releases "Talking type 1 diabetes with friends" video

FEBRUARY 10, 2011
Corpus Christi Caller-Times: Be sensitive when talking with parent of a Type 1 diabetic

DECEMBER 20, 2010
Six Until Me: What NOT to Say to the Parent of a Kid with Diabetes.

DECEMBER 16, 2010
Joanne releases "What NOT to say to the parent of a type 1 diabetic" video

AUGUST 2, 2010
Elise starts using a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

JULY 8, 2010
Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) trial

FEBRUARY 8, 2010
D-Mom: Joanne of Death of a Pancreas

NOVEMBER 14, 2009
We design, print and mail out World Diabetes Day shirts

OCTOBER 13, 2009
Elise is one of the ambassadors for JDRF Dallas at the Passport to Health Diabetes Awareness Expo kick-off

AUGUST 30, 2009
We release "Team Elise 2009" video

AUGUST 14, 2009
Elise has a cameo in "Marissa's Story" video

DECEMBER 5, 2008
We start using a blood ketone meter

NOVEMBER 27, 2008
Fred launches

SEPTEMBER 29, 2008
Joanne launches Death of a Pancreas blog